I grew up in a house full of women

Teresa Sabatine, Founder

Teresa Sabatine, Founder

My mother, who we lost to cancer in 2008, was my best friend.  She was always there to listen and help me navigate the world. When I lost her, I lost a part of myself as well as my example of womanhood. 

The loss of my mom lit a spark in me. If life is really this short I certainly wasn't going to waste any time. At 22 I set out to New York City on my own to begin a career in the entertainment business. I started out on The Late Show with David Letterman and then spent almost a decade in television and film in NYC, LA and Chicago developing and selling content and managing projects for clients like Nike, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Starz, NBC, ABC and Sony.

Along the way I found myself craving advice and guidance from other women and I thought it was because I had lost my mom, but I was wrong. The women around me were also seeking advice, perspective, support, encouragement and connection. 

At first I thought I should create a network for women and career, because the data shows us that there is still a huge gap in women in leadership and women moving up the ladder. But after awhile I realized that even these powerful, successful women still needed support in other areas of their lives. 

The conversation turned from, I think I want to work in marketing, to "How do I make the move across the country? How do I start over after getting a divorce? What will it take for me to start my own company? How do I raise my son who has autism? What are the downfalls of IVF treatment?" 

These issues are real and they impact our entire lives; family, career, self. Women aren't career then...we are career AND. Everything we do is intertwined. 

Today, The Jump Network is focused on helping women connect with other women on real issues. Sometimes it will be career focused, sometimes it will be the loss of a loved one, perhaps a mother. Whatever women are going through we are creating a space where they can come and share, inspire and encourage. 

As we continue to build the network and grow, our mission will expand. In the very near future we will:

  • Create and fund programs to impact the health and safety of women and girls all over the world 

  • Launch a webinar series where women can participate in groups about a particular issue and hear real stories live from women all over the world

  • Create and develop content focused on positive storytelling and expanding the perspective of what makes a successful woman

I am inspired every day by the women I meet and the power of connection. I've set out to use my creativity, experience and passion to change the world. I hope you'll join me. 

Here's to jumping!