We are in startup mode and are building the network as fast as we can as we continue in our own day jobs! We are passionate about making connections and want the network to grow but must ensure that each connection is impactful. Hang in there with us as we learn by helping you! 

You might be ready to connect if you are:

making a big life change

switching careers

quitting your job

looking for a new job 

starting a business  

transitioning to a new city

transitioning to leadership

getting married

getting divorced

having a baby

dealing with the loss of a loved one

looking to be inspired by other powerful women

We think sharing our stories is powerful. We are offering you a 30 minute conversation with an experienced woman willing to answer your questions and share her perspective.  

Approval is based on your application as well as availability of our members. Someone from our team will contact you directly in response to your application. 


Membership Application

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We know sometimes women want to help and sometimes they want to be helped and maybe you want to do both! Let us know below
Who are you? What makes you tick? What's your story? We want the whole view, not just the job interview portion!
Our network is a safe space where your information will only be shared privately within the network. Feel free to get into the details or just simply tell us high level where you need a little support (ie: I am seeking other women who have recently gone through IVF treatment)
Maybe you've been running your own company like a boss and you want to help other women do the same. Maybe you got divorced last year, found your groove and want to show other women how it is done. Maybe you're a corporate big wig and want to encourage women to take a similar path. Whatever your experience there is always another woman who could use your guidance! If you don't want to offer up your story right now and just want some guidance please write N/A!
We want to help a lot of women. Some women prefer a webinar or live chat where they aren't on the spot but can still get the super impactful information! If you are willing to share your experience on a live webinar with multiple women let us know!