How is this different from other networking groups? 

We have set out to take the conversation beyond your career. While some of our connections are based on what you want to do for work and how to get there other's focus on women's life issues and connecting to other women who have been through what you're going through. 

Will Jump help me get a job?

We aren't here to get you a job, but we are here to help you navigate new waters, make big decisions, get new perspectives and be bold in your choices. We're expanding your personal network, we like to think that all of that might lead you to the job you've been looking for, but we aren't promising anything other than a powerful connection. 

Why are these women so passionate about helping me?

We are tired of being behind and we know that strong personal connections are what got us where we are, so we want to pay it forward. We have stumbled and fallen and we know how to create a path that is authentic to our desires. Why not share our insights with you? Plus our hope is that once you've made your way you'll be paying it forward.