Mentorship Focus: Education

Location: Indiana 

Brooke Daniel, Educator

Brooke has been a public educator for 7 years. She serves in a high poverty, urban school where 84% of her students live below the poverty level. 53% of her students are English language learners. She believes that no matter the background and baggage a student arrives with at school, they deserve a safe, comforting place to learn. All students are capable of learning and achieving success!

Why Brooke wants to be a mentor: I want to pass along the passion I have for public education. In a time with a noticeable shortage of educators I want to encourage those that are willing to jump!

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Mentorship Focus: Education

Location: North Carolina 

Elaina Sabatine, Educator

Elaina Sabatine is a 2011 ENC Teach for America alumna and a former high school science teacher. She is currently pursuing her PhD in social work at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Elaina works to ensure education equity for all students - especially those who face marginalization and discrimination. She is passionate about ending the leaky pipeline of women in STEM and the school-to-prison pipeline for minority youth. She believes students' perceptions of their academic identities have profound effects on their future success, and her current research focuses on how educators can cultivate students' sense of competence and hopefulness about the future. In addition to her research, she consults with school districts in the Raleigh-Durham area, teaching educators how to eliminate stereotypes and promote students' success by addressing their psychological needs.

Why Elaina wants to be a mentor: I want to help women cultivate their identities, understand their value and achieve their professional goals!

Mentorship Focus: Fashion / Personal and Professional Growth

Location: New York 

Kristen Sirk, Business Manager-Fashion 

Mentorship Focus: Fashion / Personal and Professional Growth

Kristen grew up in a small town in Indiana and with a big city dream and a (few!) suitcases she moved to NYC right after college graduation. In May of 2016 she will be welcoming her 7th year in the Big Apple. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Realizing and sticking to her goal of working in fashion was very important to her, as life in NYC took her on several job journeys through a few retail jobs, management of a luxury fitness facility, and HR/office management at a luxury catering and events company. Five years and a few odd jobs later, she has found her career as the Business Manager in Bridal Couture Wholesale. The growth she has seen in herself and the trust that has been given to her within Austin Scarlett is by far her biggest accomplishment. Sometimes she thinks to herself, "Is this really my life?". She sees herself as a positive and outgoing person, friend and colleague, and she tries to share that positivity with those around her. 

Why Kristen wants to be a mentor: I want to be a mentor because I have gained so much life and professional knowledge through my experiences, I want to share those with others and hope to excite and help them through their own personal journey.