To positively impact the lives of women through powerful connections.  

We have created a safe space for women to connect and have real conversations that will build community, combat negative and false messaging, inspire entrepreneurship and ideation and cultivate opportunity. 

The Jump Network is a membership organization for women made up of extraordinary diverse women from all over the world. 

While some of our connections are based on what you want to do for work and how to get ahead in your career, our connections also focus on life issues and connecting with other women who have been through what you're going through. We are here to help you navigate new waters, make big decisions, get new perspectives and be bold in your choices.

Ok, so what does that really mean? 

Women aren't career then...we are career AND. Everything we do is intertwined. Are you going through a transition and not sure where to turn? Recently left a job, moved to a new city, started a business, had a baby, got a divorce, lost a spouse, become a leader and feeling like you could use a network to support you? We connect you with women who have been where you have been and then let the magic happen. Wouldn't it be great to feel like you aren't all alone? 


  • To give women access to the resources, connections and information they need to make informed decisions and cultivate sustainable opportunities

  • To build a safe community where women feel inspired and supported

  • To utilize storytelling to give women diverse perspectives of success; putting an end to the negative messaging that exists in society today

  • To end the mistreatment of girls and women including but not limited to; sexual, physical and emotional abuse, education inequality, sexism in the media and time inequality

*JUMP is not an exclusive network intended to isolate men or anyone of any race or any gender. We know that having men on our team and helping us cultivate opportunities for women is vital to our cause. So many of our own guides have been supportive and talented men. We have a passion for helping women and set out to do just that. If you are interested in supporting our cause and helping women we want to hear from you!  Head over to our contact page and shoot us a message.